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Looking to draw a felt rug, we created this design made with one centimeter wide ribbons mounted edge-on on the cotton backing. We make two motifs that adapt to any format and size depending on the project: a zigzag of irregular trapezoids and a layout of spirals in different sizes. The coming and going of the ribbons in these motifs play with the tones of a chosen color, forming areas of greater and lesser contrast. They result in dense rugs with a lot of personality.


Contenido: fieltro 100% lana de oveja.

Construcción: recortado y montado a mano.

Backing: algodón, látex natural y encinchado perimetral de 4 cm.

Medidas máximas: sin límites de construcción, definición según proyecto.

Variación de tamaño posible: +/- 5%

Altura: 12 mm

Peso: 2,2 kg/m2

Tráfico: Moderado. Recomendable para zonas de estar y dormitorios sin alto tránsito. Evitar su uso en escaleras y en sitios con muebles con ruedas.

Nota: Pequeñas variaciones en color y textura son propias y esperables en este textil artesanal.


Floor and wall hangings.


Periodic vacuuming routine to remove surface dust and seasonal dry cleaning, with a traditional system without machines (every 2 years depending on the intensity of use).


To obtain a quote, please send us the measurements of the chosen rug. We will respond as soon as possible.

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