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Depending on the thickness of the cloth and the intensity of the kneading, different types of felt result. This model of rugs shows the virtues of the finest felt we make. A soft and thin felt that, when maneuvered, reveals sand dunes and seascapes in its folds. A mass of flowing wool with irregular stitching lines. Pleated cloths of different widths and shades are mounted on the cotton backing, making up this rug that is pure softness. One variation incorporates color contrast at the base of the pleat adding a subtle effect of intense color.


Content: 100% sheep wool felt, thickness: 2 mm.

Backing: cotton, natural latex and 4 cm perimeter webbing.

Construction: Dyed, pleated and hand-sewn.

Maximum measurements: 3 m wide, length without construction limits, definition according to project.

Possible size variation: +/- 5%

Height: 15mm

Weight: 3kg/m2

Traffic: Moderate. Recommended for living areas, bedrooms and circulations with medium traffic. Avoid using it on stairs and in places with furniture with wheels.

Note: Small variations in color and texture are typical and expected in this handmade textile.


Floors, wall hangings and cushions.


Periodic vacuuming routine to remove surface dust and seasonal dry cleaning, with a traditional system without machines (every 2 years depending on the intensity of use).


Para obtener un presupuesto, por favor envíenos las medidas de la alfombra elegida.

Responderemos a la brevedad.

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