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woven footboard

Thick footboard knitted with fingers. Strips of pure cotton canvas and gauze are cut and dyed. Strips of both fabrics are taken and spun together, achieving a frayed and light cord. By hand and with your fingers, this piece with a soft and spongy texture is finally woven. Colors of your choice.


Materials: pure cotton gauze and canvas.

Construction: Hand dyed and woven.

Measurements: 150x80 and 250x80 cm

Note: Small variations in color and texture are typical and expected in this handmade textile.


Beds and armchairs.


Washing in washing machine with gentle program. Do not wash with other clothes and if possible do so in a cloth bag.

Hang and dry flat without hanging to avoid deforming the fabric.


To obtain a quote, please send us the measurements and quantity of the chosen textile model. We will respond as soon as possible.

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