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With a mixed effect of bouclé and cut hair, this tufted model emerged from a color study. We experimented with mixing fibers to generate a more interesting color palette. Somehow impressionistic colors, where the mixture occurs due to the proximity of fibers of different colors. It is a very laborious task where we dye fiber in primary colors that are then mixed in carding and finally spun by hand on a spinning wheel. This process is visible in small nodes of pure color that are seen in detail and at a different depth from the composite color. We develop shades for each rug according to the required palette.


Content: 100% sheep wool yarn.

Backing: jute, cotton, natural latex and 4 cm perimeter webbing.

Construction: Tufting, hand trimmed.

Maximum measurements: composed of sewn bands, measurements and definition according to project.

Possible size variation: +/- 5%

Height: 15mm

Weight: 2.4kg/m2

Traffic: Medium. Recommended for living areas, bedrooms and circulations without high traffic. Avoid using it on stairs and in places with furniture with wheels.

Note: Small variations in color and texture are typical and expected in this handmade textile.


Floor and wall hangings.


Periodic vacuuming routine to remove surface dust and seasonal dry cleaning, with a traditional system without machines (every 2 years depending on the intensity of use).


Para obtener un presupuesto, por favor envíenos las medidas de la alfombra elegida.

Responderemos a la brevedad.

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