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tuft pillow

Made with thick pure cotton yarn with cut hair tufting technique. It is a furry and soft pillow like a stuffed animal. It can be ordered in various sizes. The cotton yarn is dyed by hand, achieving a variety of shades of the chosen color. These different tones form the characteristic veining of these pieces.


Cover: canvas and cotton thread tufting.

Filling: your choice of natural or silicone wool fleece.

Filling density: medium.

Construction: dyed, tufted and hand-sewn.

Measurements: 40x40, 50x50, 60x60 and 70x40 cm

Note: Small variations in color and texture are typical and expected in this handmade textile.


Armchairs and beds.


Periodic vacuuming routine to remove surface dust and dry cleaning, artisanal system without machine.


To obtain a quote, please send us the measurements and quantity of the chosen textile model. We will respond as soon as possible.

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