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blind cushion

Irregular ribbons of pure wool felt give rise to these pillows. Dyed in one or several shades, these ribbons are sewn overlapping, leaving their edges exposed in attractive cords. The result is a pillow with an organic stripe, loaded with the texture of wool and those raised lines. Soft and warm.


Cover: fine felt made of pure sheep's wool.

Filling: your choice of natural or silicone wool fleece.

Filling density: medium.

Construction: Hand dyed and sewn.

Measurements: 40x40, 50x50, 60x60 and 70x40 cm

Note: Small variations in color and texture are typical and expected in this handmade textile.


Armchairs and beds.


Periodic vacuuming routine to remove surface dust and seasonal dry cleaning, with a traditional system without machines (every 2 years depending on the intensity of use).


Para obtener un presupuesto, por favor envíenos las medidas y cantidad del modelo del textil elegido.

Responderemos a la brevedad.

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