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our studio

Since 2009, we design and produce carpets and home textiles. The time and dedication of manual work remain visible in every artisanal detail. They form an extra value that completes the aesthetic quality of our pieces, adding depth and a certain resonance.

natural materials

We use noble materials that bring the richness of nature closer to our homes. Llama and sheep wool (spun or felted into cloths), and also vegetable fibers: artisanal yarns of pure cotton, linen, bamboo and jute. A range of temperatures and touches. Different combinations for different situations and tastes.

author's colors

In our colors, the art and nature that we enjoy, and the science with which we experiment, appear at the same time. We dye our colors by hand and make dry blends by combing and spinning.

Our color palette grows all the time with the colors we are asked for: we take fabric samples or paint codes to develop the necessary tone.


Our designs are born from the manual exploration of materials. Learning traditional techniques and new developments. A complete experience that translates into rigorous production processes that guarantee the final quality of our pieces. We like to do and we like what we do.

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